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“As a leader in the nonprofit world, I completely understand the concept of limited resources. I love Danielle's approach - by bringing common sense strategies and focus, she's going to help a lot of organizations save time, be more effective, and - bottom line - make the impact that they were created to make.”

- Matt Pipkin, Founder and CEO, Speak Your Silence

"Danielle Snelson's approach to event production has set her apart from the corporate event planning professionals. And now she lends her expertise to the nonprofit sector through The Fundraising Method. Pay attention nonprofit event planners; your events are about to be launched into a whole new dimension!"

- Autumn Kersey, Founder and Executive Director, Treasure Valley Children's Theater

"If you have experienced low attendance, lack of sponsors, burned out volunteers, or stale ideas at your fundraising events...Danielle will open your eyes to strategic changes that will help you create fun and effective events!"

- Tami Forero, CEO, Forte Events